Professional Activities


Prof Robert M Davison

BA & MA (University of Nottingham)

PhD (City University of Hong Kong)


Tel: (852) 3442 7534






Robert Davison joined the Department of Information Systems in July 1992 where he is currently a Professor. Since 1998, he has received approximately $5.3 million in grants as PI. Professionally, Robert serves as the Editor-in-Chief of both the Information Systems Journal and the Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries. Since 1993, he has published 1 book, 16 book chapters, over 90 journal articles, over 90 conference papers, and edited 6 special issues of journals. His research has been cited in SCI/SSCI 1136 times (H=18), in Scopus 2042 times (H=24) and in Google Scholar 5500 times (H=38). His current research focuses on Knowledge Seeking and Sharing activities in Chinese SMEs. Robert is Programme Leader of the MSc in Electronic Business and Knowledge Management. In 1999-2000, he won the Faculty of Business Junior Faculty Research Award and in 2004-2005, City University of Hong Kong's Teaching Excellence Award.


In Spring 2017 he is teaching:

IS6600 - Global Information Systems and Knowledge Management Applications in Organisations

IS8004 – Qualitative IS Research Methods

Courses taught since 2000 :


IS2035 - An Introduction to IS and IT in Contemporary Society (2000-2003)
IS3037 - Technology Applications for eGovernment (2004)
IS4542 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Systems (2004-2006)
IS4545 - Legal, Security and Risk Management Issues in Information Systems (2007-2008)
IS4838 - Fundamentals of Electronic Commerce (2001-2002)

Postgraduate (EMBA/MBA/MSc/MA/PhD)

FB5003 - Management Information Systems (2004-2008; 2014-2015)
FB5807 - Management Information Systems (2004-2007)
IS5000 - Business Information Systems (2000)
IS5001 - Management Information Systems (2000-2003)
IS5313 - Foundations of Electronic Business Systems (2003)
IS5600 - Global Information Systems (2000-2002, 2003-2012, 2013-2016)
IS6000 - Research Methods for the IS Manager (2012, 2016)
IS6100 - Foundations of Electronic Business (2003)
IS6600 - Global Information Systems and Knowledge Management Applications in Organisations (2009-2016)
IS8004 - Qualitative IS Research Methods (Hong Kong & Suzhou) (2011-2012, 2013-2015)


Originally from Bristol, UK, Robert studied at Clifton College (1974-1978), Bristol Grammar School (1978-1985), then graduated from the University of Nottingham with a BA (Joint Hons) in Russian and SerboCroat (1990), and an MA in Information Technology (1991). He undertook his PhD studies in Information Systems at the City University of Hong Kong from 1993-1998. Robert is a keen mountaineer, explorer and traveller of the world: 88 countries/territories to date.

Personal Affiliations/Memberships:

WWF, ORBIS, Fauna & Flora International, The Sabah Society, Asian Encounters and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

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