FB5003 – Management Information Systems (2017 Summer)

Prof. Robert Davison, Dept of Information Systems, Email: isrobert@cityu.edu.hk

Tel: 3442-7534 Office: AC3-6247 Home page.

Classes are on Wednesday evenings (1900-2150) and Saturday afternoons (1400-1750) in AC3-14221.




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1: Aug 2rd

Introduction: Information Systems in Organizations

Seminar 1

Business & Web 2.0 Interactive Should Your Next Job be CIO? Era of Ubiquitous Computing is Here How Social Technologies are Extending the Organization The Dark Side: Facial & Emotional Recognition App Inflation Engineering

2: Aug 5th

Web-Based IS, Digital Media and Social Networks

Seminar 2

How China is Changing the Internet BuyYoYo; SoleRebels; Advanced Book Exchange A Dashboard for Online Pricing CrowdSourcing for Wildlife Tracking Capitalising on the Smart(er) Consumer Virtual Shopping Future: Kinect The Internet of Things Liquid Computing China E-Commerce Policy Social Networking @ Work News Story Infomous Connected but Alone Which Market for Chinese Internet Firms? Home or Overseas? 40%+ Fake Challenges for E-Commerce in Sub-Saharan Africa An Incumbent’s Guide to Digital Disruption E-Sim for Consumers Era of Ubiquitous Computing is How    Here WeChat’s World

3: Aug 9th

IT Outsourcing & Risk Management

Seminar 3

VedicSoft Case IT Outsourcing: What Can Safely Go Offshore? CIO on Outsourcing Next Shoring for Proximity & Innovation Socially Responsible Outsourcing Outsourcing to the Cloud Outsourcing for Small Businesses  IBM Seals $1.25B outsourcing deal with Lufthansa

4: Aug 12th

Knowledge Management and Sharing

Seminar 4

Bob's Story Discovery & Capture of Knowledge Establishing a Culture for Knowledge Sharing Rethinking Knowledge Work: A  15 Tips for KM SuccessStrategic Approach

5: Aug 16th

Enterprise Resource Planning

Seminar 5

What is ERP? ERP in Singapore Nestle's ERP Odyssey Implementation and Optimisation of ERP Systems Failed NHS System Biggest Ever Oracle + Tencent SaaS ERP Landscape ERP in the Cloud How to Optimize Your ERP System Evolution of the Networked Enterprise

6: Aug 19th

IS Strategy & Planning

Seminar 6

BSC Template BSC - DSS Article MTR’s Business Focused IT The Future of Strategy Meeting the Demand for New IT Services Why CIOs Should be Business-Strategy Partners Business Technology Value Scorecard Security Essentials for CIOs The Power of Information Business Intelligence & Analytics: Magic Quadrant Shadow IT in the Workplace Security Essentials for CIOsTransformation with a Capital T The Right CDO for Your Company’s Future Policy in the Data Age Learning from Google’s Digital Culture Strategic Principles for Competing in the Digital Age

7: Aug 23rd

CSR and Green IT

Seminar 7

ICT Sustainability Leading a Sustainable Enterprise Harnessing Green IT: Principles & Practices Toxic eWaste Dumping eWaste in Ghana Reflections on Knowledge - Expert Copiers, Genuine Inventors or Just Infinitely Stupid?

8 Aug 26th

Presentations and Revision



Coursework Due Aug 31st; Exam September 2nd @ 1400-1600 in AC3-7211.