IS6000 - Research Methods for the IS Manager

Course Examiner: Prof. Robert Davison: AC3-6247 T: 3442-7534 E:

Classes will be at 1900-2200 on Wednesdays in LI/AC2-4208 except Nov 2nd and 23rd. Home Page. Syllabus; Coursework;


Class #




Additional Readings


Sept 4th

Introduction: Research Methods for the IS Manager

Seminar 1


Sept 11th

Research Ethics

Seminar 2 AIS Code of Research Conduct; The Internet and The Death of Ethics; CityU Research Ethics Application Form; Stanford Prison Experiment; Milgram's Obedience Experiment

Sept 18th

Identifying Research Problems;

Literature Reviews

Seminar 3

Literature Reviews

Webster J, Watson RT (2002) Analyzing the Past to Prepare for the Future: Writing a Literature Feview. Management Information Systems Quarterly 26(2):13–23


Sept 25th


Seminar 4 ISJ Editorial: Storytelling


Oct 2nd

The Process of Conducting Research

Seminar 5



Oct 9th

Initial Presentation and Discussion of Ideas


Oct 16th

Research Methods I – Qualitative - Interviews

Seminar 7

Data Coding Exercise


Bødker, M., Gimpel, G. and Hedman, J. (2014) Time-out/Time-in: The Dynamics of Everyday Experiential Computing Devices, Information Systems Journal, 24, 2, 143-166.

Myers, M. D. and Newman, M. (2007) The Qualitative Interview in IS Research: Examining the Craft, Information and Organization, 17, 1, 2-26.


Oct 23rd

Research Methods II – Qualitative – Case Study – Action Research

Seminar 8

Davison, R.M., Ou, C.X.J. and Martinsons, M.G. (2013) Information Technology to Support Informal Knowledge Sharing, Information Systems Journal, 23, 1, 89-109.

Davison, R.M., Ou, C.X.J., Martinsons, M.G., Zhao, A.Y. and Du, R. (2014) The Communicative Ecology of Web 2.0 @ Work: Social Networking in the Workspace, Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 65, 10, 2035-2047.


Oct 30th

Research Methods III – Quantitative – Surveys

Seminar 9

Ou, C.X.J. and Davison, R.M. (2016) Shaping Guanxi Networks at Work through Instant Messaging, Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 67, 5, 1153-1168.

Ou, C.X.J. and Davison, R.M. (2011) Interactive or Interruptive: Instant Messaging at Work, Decision Support Systems, 52, 1, 61-72.


Nov 2nd  

Research Methods IV – Quantitative – Data Analaysis with SPSS and PLS

Seminar 10

Note, this is a guest presentation that will be given by Dr Louie Wong. The room will be LAU/AC3-7209. The time will be 1000-1300. Smart PLS Website


Nov 13th

Writing Up and Presenting Research Articles

Seminar 11

Barley, S.R. (2006) When I Write my Masterpiece: Thoughts on What Makes a Paper Interesting, Academy of Management Journal, 49, 1, 16-20.

ISJ Editorial Context;


Nov 23rd

Presentations. This will be a special double class and will take place in LI/AC2-2614 from 1400-1800