IS6600 - Global IS and KM Applications in Organisations (2015-2016)

Prof. Robert Davison, Dept of Information Systems, Email:

Tel: 3442-7534 Office: AC1-P7720 Home page.

Classes are on Wednesday evenings (1900-2150) in AC2-4412




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1: Jan 13


Seminar 1

Should Your Next Job be CIO? IBM's CIO Leadership Exchange The Dark Side: Facial & Emotional Recognition App Inflation Engineering

2: Jan 20

Global E-Commerce

Seminar 2

BuyYoYo; B2C in Ethiopia; SoleRebels; Advanced Book Exchange Monitoring Student Attendance Jeff Bezos Owns the Web... Amazon: Love & Hate Wanda+Baidu+Tencent How YouTube Videos Go Viral Virtual Shopping Future: Kinect The Internet of Things Liquid Computing China E-Commerce Policy 40%+ Fake Challenges for E-Commerce in Sub-Saharan Africa

3: Jan 27

Social Media In and Around the Enterprise

Seminar 3

Social Networking @ Work News Story Infomous Connected but Alone Shadow IT in the Workplace McKinsey on Web 2.0 Business & Web 2.0 Interactive eBay+Skype = Divorce Alibaba Buys US Companies Era of Ubiquitous Computing is Here How Social Technologies are Extending the Organization Gartner Predictions

4: Feb 3

Knowledge Management

Seminar 4

Bob's Story 15 Knowledge Tips Siemens ShareNet Discovery & Capture of Knowledge MindTree Cognitive Edge Establishing a Culture for Knowledge Sharing

5: Feb 17

Strategic Knowledge Mapping

Seminar 5

Strategic Knowledge Mapping at Boeing Business Technology Value Scorecard

6: Feb 24

Global ERP Cases: Integration and Planning for the Extended Enterprise

Seminar 6

What is ERP? Nestle's ERP Odyssey How to Optimize Your ERP System Evolution of the Networked Enterprise ERP in the Cloud ERP in Singapore Failed NHS System Biggest Ever Saas and Cloud ERP

7: Mar 2

Global IT & BP Outsourcing & Offshoring

Seminar 7

VedicSoft Case IT Outsourcing: What Can Safely Go Offshore? IBM Seals $1.25B outsourcing deal with Lufthansa Outsourcing to the Cloud Outsourcing for Small Businesses Software Outsourcing Trends in 2015 The Shape of IT Outsourcing in 2015

8: Mar 9

Global Information Systems for Work: Designing Systems

Seminar 8

Blank Worksheet CAIS 12, 23, 366-395 3 more diagrams

9: Mar 16

The CIO / CKO and Strategic Planning

Seminar 9

BSC Template BSC - DSS Article The Velocity of Change at Pfizer The Power of Information Business Strategy & Technology Alignment Business Intelligence & Analytics: Magic Quadrant Shadow IT in the Workplace Security Essentials for CIOs

10: Mar 23

Green IT

Seminar 10

Tom Worthington's "Green Technology Strategies" Leading a Sustainable Enterprise Harnessing Green IT: Principles & Practices Climate Change Contributions

11: Apr 6

Big Data, Intelligence & Surveillance

Seminar 11

How to Protect Yourself Dataveillance & Big Data The Snowden Archive Nationality in the Cloud: Can Microsoft Protect Its Overseas Data?

12: Apr 13

Coursework Presentation

13: Apr 20



Exam Date, to be announced, but between May 2-16, 2016