IS6600 - Global IS and KM Applications in Organisations (2014-2015)

Prof. Robert Davison, Dept of Information Systems, Email:

Tel: 3442-7534 Office: P7726 Home page.

Classes are on Wednesday evenings (1900-2150) in AC2-5606




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1: Jan 14

Introduction, Culture, The Socially-Networked Manager

Seminar 1

Business & Web 2.0 Interactive Should Your Next Job be CIO? Apple's Future, 28 Years Ago Alibaba Buys US Companies Era of Ubiquitous Computing is Here How Social Technologies are Extending the Organization Connected but Alone Gartner’s Predictions How YouTube Video Go Viral Evolution of the Networked Enterprise Six Social Media Skills Every Leader Needs The Dark Side: Facial & Emotional Recognition App Inflation Engineering

2: Jan 21

Web-Based Applications and Cases

Seminar 2

BuyYoYo; SoleRebels; Advanced Book Exchange A Dashboard for Online Pricing CrowdSourcing for Wildlife Tracking Capitalising on the Smart(er) Consumer KaoLiBerry China #1 for Online Shopping The Death of Facebook NFC Mobile Payments HSBC Mobile Payments Virtual Shopping Future: Kinect The Internet of Things TaoBao Village in Guizhou Liquid Computing Barriers to Internet Adoption: Offline and Falling Behind WeChat is not Whatsapp Master Mobile by Focusing on Productivity China E-Commerce Policy Amazon delivers to the car boot

3: Jan 28

Global ERP Cases

Seminar 3

What is ERP? ERP in Singapore Nestle's ERP Odyssey Implementation and Optimisation of ERP Systems Failed NHS System Biggest Ever ERP in the Cloud

4: Feb 4

Global IT Offshoring & Outsourcing

Seminar 4

VedicSoft Case IT Outsourcing: What Can Safely Go Offshore? CIO on Outsourcing Buying Right the First Time Next Shoring for Proximity & Innovation Socially Responsible Outsourcing Outsourcing to the Cloud Outsourcing for Small Businesses Software Outsourcing Trends in 2015 The Shape of IT Outsourcing in 2015

5: Feb 11

Social Networking @ Work: Global and China Perspectives

Seminar 5

Social Networking @ Work News Story Infomous SmartPhone Addiction

6: Feb 25

Knowledge & its Management in Organizations

Seminar 6

Bob's Story KM for Corporate Espionage 1, 2 Siemens ShareNet 15 Tips

7: Mar 4

Knowledge and Culture

Seminar 7

Knowledge-Nurture MindTree Cognitive Edge Discovery & Capture of Knowledge Establishing a Culture for Knowledge Sharing Corporate Knowledge Networks Begin to Bear Fruit Rethinking Knowledge Work: A Strategic Approach

8: Mar 11

Information, Knowledge & Strategy

Seminar 8

BSC Template BSC - DSS Article Social Media and Strategic Insights Business Strategy & Technology Alignment MTR’s Business Focused IT The Future of Strategy Meeting the Demand for New IT Services 15 Tips for KM Success Why CIOs Should be Business-Strategy Partners

9: Mar 18

How Could we Manage People and Knowledge Better?

Seminar 9

Interactive or Interruptive? IM @ Work IM & Interruption IM for Collaboration Wikis: Tools for Conversational KM Microblog Marketing in China Social Business Solutions Strategic Knowledge Mapping at Boeing How Schools Kill Creativity

10: Mar 25

Big Data & Surveillance

Seminar 10

How to Protect Yourself Dataveillance & Big Data The Snowden Archive ThoughtWorks Technology Radar: A Case for Small Data Making Big Data Actionable SIM Card Database Hack In-Q-Tel 21 tips, tricks and shortcuts to help you stay anonymous online Edward Snowden TED Talk NSA Reaction to Snowden TED Talk Australian Data Breach

11: Apr 1

Green IT

Seminar 11

ICT Sustainability Leading a Sustainable Enterprise Harnessing Green IT: Principles & Practices Toxic eWaste Dumping eWaste in Ghana

12: Apr 15

Project Presentations

13: Apr 22


Reflections on Knowledge - Expert Copiers, Genuine Investors or Just Infinitely Stupid?

Exam – May 7th 1830-2030 in AC2-4400