FB5003 - Information Systems for Managers (MBA)

Course Examiner: Prof. Robert Davison: AC3-6247 Tel: 3442-7534 isrobert@cityu.edu.hk

Classes will be on Tuesdays, 1400-1700 (S01) and 1900-2200 (S61) in AC3-14221

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Oct 3 Introduction: Information Systems in Organizations Seminar 1 IBM's C-Suite Study The Dark Side: Facial & Emotional Recognition App Inflation Engineering An Incumbent’s Guide to Digital Disruption Maersk Expects $300 Million Loss Due to Cyberattack The Case for Digital Reinvention Digital Reinvention Legacy vs Digital Workplace Surveillance Web Net-Neutrality The Army of Phantom Reviewers Better than Cash Satya Nadella on Innovation, Disruption and Organisational Change Three actions for CEOs to get value from the cloud Nine Principles for Responsible Digital Payments The Cloud's Trillion Dollar Prize Digitising Europe's Railways Jambo Mobile Wallets in SE Asia  Opportunities in the Metaverse Disinformation Drivers of Disruption Flight to the Cloud Indonesia Bans TikTok Sales Hacking the Consumer Council Cy


Oct 10 Global Enterprise Systems Seminar 2
What is ERP? Nestle's ERP Odyssey How to Optimize Your ERP System Evolution of the Networked Enterprise ERP in Singapore Failed NHS System Biggest Ever ERP Mistakes ERP Disasters Scatex


Oct 17 Knowledge Management Seminar 3
Bob's Story 15 Knowledge Tips Business Technology Value Scorecard Exospect: SRM Company Strategic Resource Maps BH-SRM


Oct 24 IT Outsourcing & Risk Management Seminar 4 IT Outsourcing  Top Ten Outsourcing Providers IBM Seals $1.25B outsourcing deal with Lufthansa Outsourcing for Small Businesses Impact Sourcing 7 hot and 7 cooling IT outsourcing trends Global IT Outsourcing: Ukraine Outsourcing definition Digital Outsourcing Green Cherry


Oct 31
Designing IS for Work Seminar 5  Blank Worksheet 18 Reasons Why IT-Reliant Work Systems Should Replace ‘The IT Artifact’ as the Core Subject Matter of the IS Field  Boeing 737 MAX
6 Nov 7 IT Consulting Seminar 6 The Oracle Way to Consulting Consulting is more than giving advice Consulting on the Cusp of Disruption Integrity in management consulting: a contradiction in terms? 10 ethical rules for IT consultants and contractors 8 warning signs of a bad consultant Relearning the Art of Asking Questions. 5 Behaviors of a Successful and Trustworthy Consultant 12 Reasons Your Proposal Will Be Rejected
7 Nov 14 IS Strategy and Planning Seminar 7 BSC Template BSC - DSS Article The Power of Information Transformation with a Capital T The Right CDO for Your Company’s Future Policy in the Data Age Learning from Google’s Digital Culture Strategic Principles for Competing in the Digital Age How Airbus is Navigating a Digital Transformation The New Class of Digital Leaders Anatomy of an IT Strategic Plan in the Era of Digital Disruption How CDOs Promote the Digital Transformation of their Companies Digital Mismatch Five Stages in the Evolution of a CDO The Case for Digital Trust
8 Nov 15 (2-5) and 16 (7-10) Green/CSR and Security; Revision with Past Exam Questions Seminar 8 Tom Worthington's "Green Technology Strategies" Leading a Sustainable Enterprise Harnessing Green IT: Principles & Practices Aluminium: Light Metal but Heavy Impact  HK EcoPark eWaste Reduction in HK Recycling in HK How to Protect Yourself Dataveillance & Big Data What is Big Data? The Snowden Archive Nationality in the Cloud: Can Microsoft Protect Its Overseas Data?  Snowden Archive Tempora Dataveillance ResourcesFacebook is a Surveillance CompanySocial Credit in China Facebook and the Privacy Debate  The Pegasus Project Green, Safe and Digitised: European Railways Security and the Law Climate Change, COP26 and Information Systems The Green Revolution: A blueprint for CIOs to combat climate change Green Banking and Sustainability A Toolkit for a Greener Future Ransomware Victims and Payments Firing the employees who are careless Cyber Hack at Cyberport ICBC Ransomware Hack ICBC paid ransom RFID @ Uniqlo
  Nov 21 Exam 1900-2100 in LT2    
  Nov 30 Coursework Due    

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