E-Business Manager, Siemens AG Austria, Austria

Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Volopich
Date-of-birth 07.08.1948, citizen of Austria

tel.: 0676-4912539

Siemens AG Austria, E-Business Manager

HTBLuVA Mödling, Telecommunication Engineering / Electronics
1986 School-leaving examination

TU Vienna, Theoretical Physics
1975 Diploma, "Grundprinzipien der Renormierung in Eichtheorien mit spontaner Symmetriebrechung und Konstruktion von Slavnov-Taylor- und Lee-Identitäten" (Elementary Partical Physics)

Professional Experience
1976 - 2001 Siemens AG Austria, Programming and System Engineering (PSE)
till 1982: Host programming (BS2000), automatic wireing of relais arrays.
till 1994: Leading a team (5-7) - development and deployment of CIM-applications (computer integrated manufacturing) wich support the automatic placement of electronics components - optimization and generation of NC-programs - clients were Siemens-wide and are still in Germany.
1989-1992: Transformation process from host to Unix-based client-server computing.
since 1995: Managing the introduction, education, and application of new technologies - particulary internet technologies for enterprise applications (e-business).
1997: Negotiations about a Memorandum of Understanding with Sun-Netscape Alliance (now iPlanet) in Mnt.View/California.
Since Oct. 2002: E-Business Manager, Siemens AG Austria