Dr. Ibrahim KUSHCHU
Assistant Professor of eBusiness GSIM, International University of Japan, Japan

Ibrahim Kushchu is an assistant professor of eBusiness at the GSIM, International University of Japan. Previously, Dr. Kushchu worked as a Lecturer in Knowledge Management at the University of Surrey, UK. He received BSc and MBA degrees from the Department of Management, Middle East Technical University, Turkey. He also holds an MSc degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh, UK and an DPhil degree in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sussex, UK.

His research aims to apply evolutionary learning models to simulate behaviours of Adaptive Virtual Business Organisations using Complexity and Evolutionary Artificial Intelligence techniques (i.e. genetic algorithms and programming). In particular, he is interested in using these methods with wireless and voice technologies for web and for e-business. Among other courses, he teaches and conducts research in customer relationship management and business intelligence.